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This event is running from 22 January 2021 until 11 February 2021. It is next occurring on January 28, 2021

  • Venue: Kailua-Kona
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A retreat on the Big Island that includes dolphin swims, whale watching, and daily gatherings for personal growth and healing.  The beautiful ocean, Hawaiian spinner dolphins and whales dare us to listen deeply for our soul song. In this unfolding inquiry, we relate to the wildness of nature, the dynamic sea life, and the wise star seed nations to help unfold the mystery of the unknown to discover more about our sacred self.  Daily dolphin-whale interactions coupled with nourishing daily gatherings help us connect the planetary-cosmic being to the Quantum field.  We enter a self-regulating process listening, moving, meditating, gentle/breathing, sounding, and Artplay, using all the elementals to enliven our inner vision.  We will be filled with a greater dynamic range in our perceptions and creativity.


Jan 22-28, Feb 5-11 2021



Contact: [email protected] (877) 239-3777