Event Details

This event finished on 31 December 2020

Join Marc in-person in our Athens studio

Thursdays: 5:30-7:00 pm (EEST), from September 17th, 2020
Class given in Greek language

Do you suffer from stress symptoms? Do you feel there is more to discover and take care of concerning your own living body? Are you convinced that the self-regulating capabilities your body/mind has are far from expressing themselves at there very best?
Combining his 30 years of professional experience as fascia-therapist and somatic educator/researcher, his knowledge of physiology of stress, fasciae and living body anatomy with the principles of Continuum Movement, Marc is offering a stimulating and efficient progression towards self-healing and global health.
The practice of breaths, sounds, movement and resonance is simple but deeply activating the flow of life we all are. Learn to understand the stress imprints in your system, to enhance your somatic perception, to regulate your nervous system, to better connect with your heart, to move… the way water moves.
Explore the CM modalities in simple steps.
Turn more stable and fluid in articulating with the challenges of your daily life.

A creative way of empowerment in our ‘society of acceleration’.

Registration: [email protected]