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Continuum Movement (continuummovement.com) is a phenomenal somatics practice devised by Emilie Conrad Da’oud.  Beckah Reed guides one through the various sounds, breaths, lush sensations, and fluid movements in a way that promotes creativity, opening to the very real possibilities of self-healing and innovation in living!  The practice invites the letting go of gravity, therefore generally lying on the ground/bed/mat initiates the relaxation process for a quite powerful sound and movement experience.  An hour in a “dive” (what the experience is called) can be as effective a work-out as a long walk, run, or bike ride, and tends to be much gentler.

There is no right or wrong, to move or sound ‘correctly’ is not the focus, but instead, learning to trust the wisdom of one’s moving body, listening to its needs and journey, while inviting in the lush, fluid possibilities of ease, mystery, inquiry, and play is the opportunity.

Beckah Reed believes in the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  She enjoys her work in somatics, focusing on transformation through subtle energies, inviting wholeness for groups and individuals for over two decades. She is a Master Reiki Practitioner, an Authorized Teacher in Training of Continuum Movement with training in Hun Yuan Taiji and Qigong, Transcendental Meditation, as well as other healing modalities. Currently, she loves her work with horses and humans (zenhorse.org).

Beckah was a professor of dance at Webster University for 37 years.  She worked as co-artistic director for GASH/VOIGT Dance Theatre (GVDT), an all-women’s contemporary dance theatre ensemble, based in St. Louis for fifteen years, where she and Susan Gash were able to self-produce their work, conduct educational residencies and international cultural exchanges. (beckahreed.com)

Workshop is $30. Wildwood Yoga and Wellness, 2642 Highway 109, Suite B, Wildwood, MO  63040  USA

Registration: www.yogastl.com or [email protected]