Dance Alive® offers “Embody Your Intention” Workshop (4 hr Workshop)

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Presented by Mariane Karou & Ki Karou

Goals & Intentions Workshop

“Clarity creates Focus. Focus produces Power. Power manifests Destiny.”

One of the most powerful forces you have access to, is that of your intention.

Intention is the current of water carrying you to your destination. It is the undercurrent of your intention that provides the fuel in every moment, to keep you moving in the direction of your visions and goals. This workshop is designed to develop, reinforce, and deepen your connection to your goals and intentions in every area of your life. Through a series of individual and interactive exercises, you will be guided to drop into your core truth, beneath all the layers of ideas that float through your mind, and root more deeply into your essence. This process will equip you to move through every area of your life with clarity, focus and inspiration!

Saturday: March 25, June 24, October 28

1:00 – 5:00pm

$65/Single & $200/Series of 4