Embodiment is Nature

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Workshop: Cultural evolution has been much faster than biological evolution. As a result the body is left behind trying to work out and integrate the ecological degradation and change. This is not something the rational mind can do for us. In this workshop we learn how we can support the body through movement, breath and sound to attune to the evolutionary dynamics of the planet.
Somatic Summit Panel Speaker: On a crowded planet facing an ecological crisis, our human behavior is deeply patterned to behave and respond in ways that are antithetical to our true nature. As our world becomes increasingly dehumanized and denatured, we face the biological paradox of the breakdown of our ecological home and we are unable to do anything about it…. ways of knowing that are embedded and embodied in our developmental tie to the Earth are essential resources for human transformation and renewal. The purpose of the thesis is to foster an understanding of the psychobiological needs that humans possess as a result of their evolutionary nature and to develop an eco-somatic framework to support those needs. The implications of this topic are to place new value on creating eco-somatic programs for recovering our embodiment in and connection with the Earth. It ties together human and non-human ecologies, systems theory, contemporary developmental psychology, embodiment theory, and evolution. This topic is relevant and timely for a theoretical dissertation as we live with the increasing possibility of rapidly changing and unforeseen environments.
LocationContinuum Studio & Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA, United States
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