Earth Water Spirit: A 4-Day Continuum Movement Retreat

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“We inhabit a sea of intelligent life, beckoning us to enter.”
Emilie Conrad
founder of Continuum Movement

We are made up primarily of water. Yet our fluidic nature remains mysterious. Why are we so watery? Why do we experience so much stiffness, stuckness and fatigue? And how can we develop more vitality, flexibility and resilience?

Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement, asked these and similar questions in her almost 50 years of somatic investigation into our fluid bodies. In this special 4-day retreat, we immerse together into a field we co-create with the breaths, sounds, gentle movement and mindful awareness of Continuum. We continue the inquiry Emile initiated into our fluid character and the benefits it has for us.

Together, we will deepen into a communal field of safety and deep listening, where we can discover the health, rejuvenation, creativity and immense potential beyond our patterns and habits. The retreat will include an extended time (2-3 days) in silence, where we canslow down, resting into even subtler listening and movement in resonance with the rhythms of nature, expressed in the embryo, the earth and the cosmos.

Because of the extended time spent in silent exploration, it is important that you already have a ground in Continuum Movement. We ask that you have at least 5 days experience with an authorised Continuum Movement teacher. If you are drawn to this retreat and do not yet have enough experience, please check our websites to see what workshops you can attend before June!

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Entering into the freshness of the water and the potential it reminds us of

We remember; our cells and tissues remember

We are water! We are resonant fields, a continuum with rivers, oceans, serpents and cosmos

A rippling stream of fluid

Communicates between all beings, all spirals of water

Cherionna Menzam-Sills
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Jane Okondo
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