Diving into Oneness

Continuum Movement
Diving into Oneness
Workshop presented by: Elan Freyderson
Date: May 25 - 26, 2018
Location: Be Center Boulder, Colorado, United States

There is tremendous nourishment and eros available to us in each moment. Tension patterns, sociocultural rhythms, language imprinting, and intergenerational trauma keep us from experiencing the cosmic orgasm that is in perpetual emergence. Oneness isn’t just an idea, it’s a felt-sense experience. Nature isn’t something to project as out there to visit, it is also something to nurture and come in to relationship with within.

Continuum Movementâ„¢ is a body-based practice that helps the body and mind surrender to the always-available-holding of the living-pulsing world. We will slow down together to invite what our nervous system and Soul is longing for. Come experience the benefits of sounding in to your own body to awaken your fluid body. This is how we unravel, at the level of sensation and open to the tangible nourishment available inside of you.