Dance Alive® offers: “Ride the Wave” Movement Workshops

Continuum Movement
Dance Alive® offers: "Ride the Wave" Movement Workshops
Date: January 14 - December 9, 2018
Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States
Presented by Marian Karou
9am-1pm, Sundays: Jan 14, Mar 11, May 13, Jul 15, Sept 9, Nov 11, Dec 9
Cost: $65/single; $200 for series of 4
Ride the Wave guides you to COME ALIVE THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE BODY! Say, “Yes” to Moving, “Yes” to Feeling, “Yes” to Breathing, “Yes” to Life!” Through BREATH you listen to your own timing and generate energy Through FOCUS you expand your awareness…Through FEELING you open to your senses and intuition… Through MOVING you activate your commitment and confidenceand through RELATING you build healthy, dynamic relationships. In a safe, nourishing and playful environment with great music and people, you’ll discover your innate creativity, confidence and love of life!

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