Dance Alive® offers: “Inner Rhythms” Meditation Workshops

Continuum Movement
Dance Alive® offers: "Inner Rhythms" Meditation Workshops
Date: January 14 - December 9, 2018
Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States
Presented by Marian Karou
2-6pm, Sundays: Jan 14, Mar 11, May 13, Jul 15, Sept 9, Nov 11, Dec 9
Cost: $65/single; $200 for series of 4
Inner Rhythms guides you deeply inside, to listening, to sensing, and to moving from the subtle stir of movement already occurring within you. Inner Rhythms is the foundation of all movement. The quiet empty space from which all life, motion, and creation emerges. Our bodies inherently know how to heal, how to move, and how to bring ourselves into balance and integrity. The training required to not interfere or override the innate intelligence of the body, is necessary to access what your whole system is communicating to you, so you can be responsive to all your entire body and everything occurring in your life

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