Continuum4Fitness classes

Continuum Movement
Continuum4Fitness classes
Class presented by: Maria Karakosta-Humpich
Date: January 11 - December 20, 2018
Location: Living Body Academy Studio Athens, Greece

Thursdays 8:30-10:00 pm

Combining her 15 years of professional experience as fitness instructor, her knowledge of fascias and living body anatomy with the principles of Continuum Movement, Maria-Lhamo creates Continuum4fitness classes, offering cutting edge exercises aiming at revitalizing forgotten areas of one’s own body, strengthening muscle efficiency without harming or shortening soft tissue fibers and providing students with a creative way of empowerment.
Come in person at TheLivingBodyAcademy or join virtually from wherever you are in the world. 15€ in person and 10€ virtual. Discounts available (1 month, 1 semester, 1 year).

Contact: [email protected]; Tel.: +30 6944 552455