Continuum Movement Teacher Program US – Module 4

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This event is running from 13 September 2024 until 10 November 2024. It is next occurring on September 13, 2024 10:00 am

Module 4:  ANATOMY II

Online Virtual only Event
Prerequisite Module 1

  • Focus –Further inquiry into the relationship of physical systems to states of being, moving, perceiving, and other clinically important areas

Further exploration of anatomy and neurophysiology.

  • Neurophysiology will be discussed as it pertains to the practice of Continuum, including an overview of the Nervous System, Neuro-Muscular System, the Polyvagal System, and Psychophysical Integration.
  • Students will deepen their understanding of body-mind connections, becoming attuned to the story that people’s bodies are telling, and possible correlations between the body and past physical–emotional-environmental trauma that may be stored in the tissues.
  • Continuum’s concept of the Three Anatomies: primordial, cultural and cosmic, will be further explored and its relationship to our anatomy as well, and its implications of species inclusive movement within our bodies.
  • Emphasis is placed on helping students access the different levels of trauma and to be able to help them understand how to work with trauma, or when needed, how to refer students to seek professional medical support.

Practicum– Students will present a private class/session geared toward an individual and receive feedback first from peers and then teachers.

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