Continuum Movement Training Program – Hybrid Module 5

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This event finished on 07 November 2021

 Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD,

Anatomy 1
Prerequisite Module 1

Focus- A biological and cellular overview of the human body as a bio-system existing within a biosphere.

As students deepen into the experience of conventional perspectives of anatomy, they will also learn the transformational aspects of tissue and fluids.  In addition to studying the “body” as a defined boundary that features a head, two arms and legs, and body systems that encompass very specific locales, student’s will recognize that the body is mutable, multi-functional and containing a process that is not defined by boundaries. What Continuum calls a “body” is movement — a fractal dance of cells, molecules and interpenetrating wave motions. All of these movements stabilize in order to function in the environment of planet earth. Beyond conventional functioning exist domains of an unfathomable fluid mystery.  Students will learn how that all has been forgotten of this legacy except for our primordial pulsating, undulating environment of blood, organs, membranes and connective tissue. Students will learn an overview of the three different groupings of our human bio-system, often called levels of cellular organization, where one cell is the basic level or unit of cellular organization, tissue is the second level, then organs. Cellular and subcellular consciousness will be explored in class.  The body’s four basic types of tissue will be covered; connective – muscle – nervous – epithelial tissues, including their basic roles, location, and their relationship to form-dissolve and structure-tensegrity.  Plus, a technical and experiential introduction to the organ system through the lens of fluid dynamics will be explored.

The schedule has been updated as follows:

Part 1: September 24, 25 & 26

Part 2: November 5, 6 & 7

Practicum– Students will present a class and receive, feedback first from peers and then teachers.

Module 5:  ANATOMY I   (50 hours)