Continuum Movement; Liquid Kabbalah

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Continuum Movement; Liquid Kabbalah
Mystery School

We meet First Sunday of the Month 1-5 PM

Continuum Movement is a loving and dynamic inquiry into what it is to be human. We each are part of a living, unfolding, biological planetary process. Water is a fundamental aspect to this process and to all life as we know it. By means of paying attention to the active fluid resonance in our beings, we refine our own attunement. This empowers us to support not only our own needs, but the needs of those around us.

Through gentle sounding and loosely choreographed movement, we will slow down, pause, and allow the resonant impact of the sound to arrive and inform.
Rabbi Yoseph Ashkenazi offers ( 14th century in his commentary on Sefer Yetzirah in the name of the Riivaad)

“It is incumbent upon you to know that for everything The Holy One of Blessing Created in the world, there is a corresponding part created in the human, as it is written, “We will make humans in our pattern in our form” (Genesis 1:26) and all this in order to contemplate from within the revealed, the secret wisdom.”

$60, Early Bird tickets $50 before June 2
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