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Emilie Conrad the creator of  Continuum Movement said, „Movement is not what we do, but what we are“.

Yes! In Continuum Movement we dive within yourselves, into „being“ letting go of „doing“ and enjoy its beneficial effects on our body, the resonance to our gentle breaths with sound and subtle movements, awakening our body’s response.

Like waves in the water, these impulses expand and reach our somatic system, transmitting new information to our fasciae, muscle tissue, internal organs, and nervous system among others. It is an inner dance, hardly visible to the observer, that trains our physical perception.

Continuum Movement is practiced lying down, on the back, on the side, sitting, quadruped or in other positions.  The movements are very slow and subtle, so that the spine gently follows the movement that arises.  During the sessions, called „dives“, we connect with the water in our inner system, consisting of 75% water.   By slowing down the movement together with our inwardly directed attention we activate healing energies within us. We work with the intention, with sounds, breaths, and visualizations we connect with pleasant sensations such as sensuality, joy, happiness, fullness and peace. This course offers the tool for relaxation, mindfulness, intimacy. By changing our perception, we discover the alchemy of change in our world.

Introductory Day Course
Course Number T455 – Romy Poquet – Dance studio upstairs, Max-Weber-Pl. 2 – 46,- €

Freies Musikzentrum München, Max-Weber-Platz 2, Munich, Germany
Half a day – Sunday 26.04.20   9:45 to 13.45
Minimum number of participants 6

Registration at „Freies Musikzentrum Muenchen“,, then through the Menu „Kurs buchen“.
Telephone  +49 89 414247-60