Continuum Movement® and Cranio-sacral self-care retreat

Continuum Movement
Continuum Movement® and Cranio-sacral self-care retreat
Workshop presented by: Sylvain Méret
Date: July 1 - 4, 2018
Location: Vila Linda Stará Lesná, Slovakia

Presented by: Sylvain Meret and Martin Duris.

Many of our society constructs are about to give our own power away to be fed by external “expertise”, not saying that we don’t need doctors or specialists, but rather that we can take care of ourselves and maintain health, balance and creativity.

In Continuum we use specifics breaths, vocal sounds, movement sequences and visualization to awaken what we call the fluid system, the presence of 70 % of water flowing throughout the body (connective tissues, blood, lymph, CSF…). We invoke the intelligence of nature, as a resonant field that not only connect us to the earth but to all species and beyond to the universe.

The fluid system seems to play an important role in rejuvenation by enhancing and producing more fluid activity and hydrating our body. We could say that aging is dehydration process. Movement and sound (or vibration) are two powerful mediums to engage with organic activities. Combined with touch, visualization and attention, they form the basis of the practice of Continuum.
During this week, we will explore, experience and embody these concepts in combination with Cranio-Sacral principles.

We will particularly look at bodily tissues, how touch, sounds and breath can shift rigidified or dense tissue through the awakening of fluid activity.

Workshop in English.

Located in the High Tatras of Slovakia, Slovakia