Continuum Movement® class

Continuum Movement
Continuum Movement® class
Class presented by: Maria Karakosta-Humpich
Date: January 9 - December 18, 2018
Location: Living Body Academy Studio Athens, Greece

Tuesday 7:30-10:30 pm

“Continuum is an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive” (www.continuummovement.comν/an-overview/)

Join Maria-Lhamo classes every week to evolve your practice, dissolve both tensions and inner distance with your bio-intelligence which might have built up through the constraints of daily life.

Inquire “into Wave Motion for a global body experience of becoming” (

Come in person at TheLivingBodyAcademy or join virtually from wherever you are in the world. 15€ in person and 10€ virtual. Discounts available (1 month, 1 semester, 1 year).

Contact: [email protected]; Tel.: +30 6944 552455