Continuum & Embodied Anatomy

Continuum Movement
Continuum & Embodied Anatomy
Class presented by: Deborah Raoult, Teri Carter
Date: May 24 - August 9, 2018
Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States

Thurs evenings, May 24 – August 9,  7-9:30 pm

Continuum is an invitation to dive into the fluid play of life, which spirals, undulates and pulsates with an ancient wisdom that becomes our guide and teacher.

Drawing on Continuum’s somatic movement practice engaging BREATH, SOUND, and SUBTLE MOVEMENT, Thursday night class explores our myriad human body systems through the lens of fluid~wave motion as a catalyst for healing and enriching our body-mind.

Deborah and Teri are both Authorized Continuum Movement Teachers and Body-Mind Centering Practitioners, bringing their vast somatic backgrounds in journeying the body-mind through the lens of movement and awareness of our whole being.

Through embodied movement, we open our system to receive fresh flows of information. As open bio-systems consisting of bones – nerves – organs – connective tissue – etc., we can sense and feel that information flow of our form, as we perceive and process it for our health and innovation. We somatically cultivate embodied presence, aliveness, and awareness.

Fluid molecules are a fundamental choreographer of our tissue structure and will determine the flow of information (nourishment) that is available to us. We humans carry with us a planetary lineage that offers a 360-degree participation with the world we live in. Our bodies and the various systems within our inner landscape are extensions of a planetary process. We can discover great benefits of diving into our fluidity, enabling us to deepen below our patterns, our stories, our personal histories and their effects.

In the safe and restful state of a Continuum dive, our body-mind is in its most creative state, where infinite flows of information can be accessed and innovation can be tapped into, and we are not merely focusing on survival modes of our typical day.

Cost: $30/session or $25/session for the 3 month series of 10 classes

Contact: 310-625-3739  or  [email protected] 310-488-9879