Continuous Nourishment Rooting in Receptivity

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This event finished on 11 March 2023

Continuous Nourishment- Rooting in Receptivity
A Virtual Continuum Movement® Series

Four Saturdays: 12-2:15 pm MT, February 18 to March 11, 2023
Intentionally timed so participants from Hawaii to Europe can participate.

-> Slow down to the pace of pleasure
-> Get fed by the Source within you
-> Arrive more deeply in your fullness

In this four-week virtual Continuum Movement series, we will practice inviting and seducing the Eros of life.

We will allow ourselves to be moved and fed by its fluid intelligence.

We’ll lovingly encounter our somatic and psychological defenses that keep us from allowing the stream of nourishment in and through.

We uncover and heal that unique maze or collection of imprints which stunts our deeper connection to Source.

Ready for a journey to true receptivity?

Continuous Nourishment 4-week virtual series includes…

❍ Four Live Virtual Group Sessions (2 hr and 15 min each):
Gather together in a community experience of Continuum, collectively re-sourcing and reawakening to the rhythms of nature. In each session, you’ll be taught a sequence, get guided through a nourishing somatic experiential, and find a space to integrate your experience. Metabolize in community, opening to the fluid intelligence working through the group.

❍ Access to replays:
If you can’t make it to all live sessions, no problem! You’ll receive audio and video replays of the sequences as well as the guided practice. Revisit the material regularly to support your personal ongoing diving process if you so choose.

❍ Two Live Office Hours Sessions (1 hr each):
This is your space to receive support from Elan, share about your experiences with the practice, integrate insights and root into a supportive community of fellow practitioners on this journey. To support confidentiality, we will not share the full recordings of office hours.

❍ Access to Continuum Resource Library:
This includes videos to support you with preparation, understanding the modality and integrating your experiences over the course of the four weeks and beyond. You’ll also receive guided practice recordings and playlists to support you in bringing Continuum into your daily life.

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