Constellation Healing Experience with Gary Stuart

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Constellations make the unconscious Conscious. This process tracks the stuck energy and negative patterns back to its origin. Constellations complete, resolve and release the past in the Present for a better Future.

Gary Stuart has been internationally recognized, exploring invisible family & organizational dynamics as a spirited Constellation Facilitator for more than 19+ years. He is double-certified in the work including Bert Hellinger’s “Movements of the Spirit-Mind” Facilitator’s Training in Austria. He develops & presents Innovative Constellation exercises at his groups. Having facilitated almost 10K processes, he is now on the cutting edge and providing training for CHI facilitators and other professionals. Gary’s book on Constellations is “MASTER your UNIVERSE” and “Many Hearts, ONE SOUL”, both available on

Please contact [email protected] or call (818) 509-0211

Every Saturday Nights from 7:00pm – 10:45pm

First Class is Gifted, $15 Admission Thereafter


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