Coming Home to the Body

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“Movement is something we are, not something we do:
Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement

Are you longing for renewal and increased vitality? Continuum offers an innovative process of learning to support and restore yourself from within.

All life, including the human body, has been shaped by water. Water is constantly moving, replenishing and supporting new life. Continuum is an exploration of the properties and movement of water as it creates and sustains life both within the body and the larger world. It provides an opportunity to experience your body as a source of change: a pulsing, dynamic organism instead of a fixed entity.

Exploring a universal language of biologically based movement, this program incorporates breath and sounding practices that initiate personal movement explorations. We are liquid crystalline structures designed to receive, carry and transmit vibration. Through the practices of Continuum, we can experience the vast reach of the body and how intimately engaged we are with all of life. We reclaim our birthright of fluid possibility.

Appropriate and safe for everyone at all mobility levels, Continuum Movement informs and benefits all other movement practices, including shiatsu, massage, yoga, dance, and life itself.
CE credits available for this program.

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