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This event is running from 17 January 2021 until 21 March 2021. It is next occurring on March 14, 2021

To start the new year, my proposal is to explore somatically the concept of resilience. Right now, we are at the heart of a knot, and an outgrowth. There is no reason why this passage, this pivotal moment, should stop to go back to normal. It is about passing through it with full capacities and presence to witness and to receive this wave of transformation penetrating the core and the periphery of our nervous systems without being paralyzed by the pandemic and global trauma.

Resilience is the nervous system’s ability to find other ways to integrate unbearable, overwhelming information. It is an emerging faculty from the field of Nature intelligence which allows for another breath to carry life so that it does not die out. We will explore with Continuum breaths, vocalized sounds, visualizations, and moving sequences, the different living systems to feel into an awareness of the process of resilience and awaken its potency.

Sunday January 17: Metabolizing our resistance
Sunday January 31: Observing without becoming attached
Sunday February 14: Galvanizing cellular energy
Sunday February 28: Body mutation and transmutation
Sunday March 14: Integration of polarities
Sunday March 21: Play and creativity

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