Adaptability, Permeability, Resilience and Nourishment with Continuum Movement®

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This 3 day workshop will particularly focus upon experiencing through embodiment and movement the activation of the fluid system as a parallel system that connects us constantly but silently to our biosphere and all living eco-systems. Our body is composed, like our planet of approximately 70-75 % of water, which permeates through all bodily tissues, bones, organs, cells… Invoking the field of fluidic activities gives us the opportunity to plug into the bio-intelligence matrice, from which seems to originate all terrestrial life. At the cellular level, the movement of fluids provides a circuitry for body’s nutrients to maintain nourishment and elimination of waste. Being more nourished and cleansed, cellular tissues are capable of more adaptability, permeability to change and resilience, which are conditions for a healthy living. Bodily water and fluids function as a connective field for all chemical and electrical activities that take place in our body, interconnecting all systems to form a coherent whole, where information is constantly exchanged to maintain homeostasis. The nervous system has been taking all our attention so far, but consciousness seems to dwell elsewhere, Continuum suggests taking a deeper look at our fluid existence, to dive into our watery ancestry to maybe understand more of ourselves. Continuum movement® was founded by somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad (1934-2014), and is a proposition to explore the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement and their effects on the fluid system. The body becomes a door gate to explore our ancient origin and the origin of life. Cost 180 euros
Location: Le Cerisier, 7-11 rue Joseph Brunet 33000 Bordeaux. France
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