Activating Our Fluid Potentials

Continuum Movement
Activating Our Fluid Potentials
Workshop presented by: Sylvain Méret
Date: June 30 - July 1, 2018
Location: Malostranské Blaho Karmelitské 21 118 00 Prague, Czech Republic

This 2 days workshop proposes to experience the activation of our fluid nature through embodiment and movement.

Like our planet, our body is composed of approximately 70-75 % of water permeating through all bodily tissues (Blood, lymph, bones, organs, cells…) creating a particular system, which according to Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, connects us through its fluid property to our biosphere and all eco-systems.

In the practice of Continuum, which is an experiential inquiry, bodily water and fluids function as a connective field for all chemical and electrical activities taking place in our body. We can experience this fluidity through movement responses like pulsations, undulations and spirals interpenetrating bodily layers and connecting our bodily parts. We can feel into the sensations of fluid expression and “ride the waves”.

Workshop in English.

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