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  • On Being A Human Moving

    Workshop presented by: Sylvain Méret
    On Being A Human Moving
    Date: October 28 - 29, 2017
    Location: Yoga House Bratislava Bratislava, Slovakia

    This workshop will be an immersion into the fluid realm of our body, which is composed of 70% water. Water is a sacred element in every ancient cultures, especially the ones that had a deep spiritual knowledge. We will dive the time of a weekend into our watery existence through sounds, breath and slow moving motion. This practice is called Continuum Movement© and was founded by an American dancer called Emilie Conrad in the late 60th until her passing in 2014 and goes on today all around the planet. The roots of Continuum could be found in the old Mystery School of Asclepian Temples in Greece for instance, where the use of sacred sounds, dreams, water baths and dark chambers were the mediums for healing. Inour modern version we use a more somatic setting: lying on a mat, sitting or using a chair, in combination with specific breaths, vocal sounds and movement sequences. The work is about creating a resonant field that will increase our connection with the larger earth and cosmic fields. We also reconnect with our sensations, our breath and attention through emphasizing self-awareness, and we slow down in order to hear better what’s happening inside and beyond ourselves. We are moving creatures since our ancestry begins with the first microorganisms that sprung into life around 3 milliards years ago. Continuum is a proposition and an inquiry to recapitulate the moving process of life from our deepest origin till now.

    More Info or contact [email protected]


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  • Continuum Monthly-Thursday Night Class

    Class presented by: Teri Carter
    Continuum Monthly-Thursday Night Class
    Date: June 1 - December 7, 2017
    Location: Somatic Arts Space Santa Monica, California, United States

    Amplify and refine the far-reaching communication within yourself, with others, and with the world.  Together we’ll explore the movement of breath, experience vocal sound permeating our cells, and move within the ocean of our body’s fluid in resonance with the field. 

    Limited to 6 participants, the space is intimate so preregistration is required. 

    $25/class or pre-register $22.  Email [email protected] or text 310-488-9879

    See webpage

  • Continuum Class Series

    Class presented by: Debra Franco
    Continuum Class Series
    Date: September 13 - December 27, 2017
    Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States
    Debra’s Autumn Depths class will meet twice-monthly on Wednesday mornings at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica. This class is for those with Continuum experience. We will explore, through ritual, movement, breath and gesture, Emilie Conrad’s Mystery School teachings.
    Class fee $25.
    Location:  Continuum Studio, 1629 18th Street Studio 7, Santa Monica, CA 90404
    For information contact [email protected]310.701-5530
    Classes on Sep 13, 27, Oct 4, 18, Nov & Dec tba
  • SOMATIC SUMMIT In-Person Conference & Virtual Webinar

    Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
    SOMATIC SUMMIT In-Person Conference & Virtual Webinar
    Date: September 24 - 30, 2017
    Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States

    Now in its 4th year, the SOMATIC SUMMIT explores the inquiry of BioDiversity. Join us in-person on the final day of SOMAfest, Sept 24 in Santa Monica as somatic based artists and experts share insights, embodiment experiences,performances, and a round table panel discussion panel discussion at thiscommunity gathering. The virtual webinar kicks of this celebration of embodied bio-based earth wisdom on September 24th and culminates at an in-person community gathering featuring workshops, nature excursions, performances, and a speaker round table panel. The week of Sept 25-30 continues with worldwide webinar gatherings including interviews – embodiment experiences – participant questions. Summit presenters offer somatic-based experiences that give expression to inquiries of bio-creativity, interspecies inclusivity, earth-based embodiment, consciousness, spirituality, etc.
    September 24: In Person Conference held at Continuum Studio Santa Monica & Highways Performance
    Santa Monica, California, 90404 United States

    September 25-30: Online worldwide webinar Speaker Series



    Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
    Date: October 14 - 17, 2017
    Location: Embody Life Ranch Santa Clarita, California, United States

    An immersion into Continuum’s breath and sound to access universal movement motifs (cell/embryo) from a fluid system perspective. From spirals, waves, involutions, to vortices, everything has been touched by the movement of water – our bodies, the planet, and the galaxy. Explore the fluid system within our bodies as one profound, resonant stream of intelligence that determines the flow of information and nourishment available to us. The fundamental choreographer of our tissue structure is fluid molecules, and their flow underlies our psychophysical states of presence, communication, transformation, and the dance between rest and activity. Embody fluid’s natural movement behavior of waves, undulations and spirals; a motif reflected in cells and embryos. Learn movement, hands-on and observational approaches to distinguish qualities and influences of major fluids, including blood, lymph, cellular, transitional, intracellular, cerebral-spinal (CSF), and synovial. 

    October 14-17, 2017 5 Day Immersion (Lodging available)




    Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
    Date: October 19 - 22, 2017
    Location: Embody Life Ranch Santa Clarita, California, United States

    Discover keys to healthy and strong bones, and for moving in space with clarity. Living bone is an exciting matrix of connective tissue; three basic layers of cells and fluids that provide leverage, support, and form to our being.  As fluid beings, our form is negotiable, regenerative and responsive. Embody the skeletal system with a dynamic perspective, understanding and transcending the biomechanical definition of movement in relation to gravity.  Learn bone’s role in the body’s oxygenation, as a container for the organs, the importance of piezoelectric pressure, and how Continuum Movement’s breath and sound influence the architecture of your body.

    4 Day Immersion, October 19-22, 2017 (Lodging available)

    Cost: 4 Day Immersion $540 early by July 5, $620 late


  • Continuum Movement: An Inquiry into Being - Science and Noduality Conference (SAND 2017)

    Workshop presented by: Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
    Continuum Movement: An Inquiry into Being - Science and Noduality Conference (SAND 2017)
    Date: October 19, 2017
    Location: Dolce Hayes Mansion San Jose, California, United States

    Through breath, sound, movement, sensation, and pleasure, experience the interconnection of your origins with the larger currents of all organisms, beginning with the first cell and ultimately layered into the intricacies of human life.

    Central goals of Continuum are the creation of health and wellness and how to free oneself from cultural and mechanistic constraints of modern society. Continuum maintains movement is the message and the way.

    Science and Nonduality (SAND) is a five-day immersive experience where leading scientists, spiritual teachers, philosophers, artists, and a thriving international community gather to explore a new paradigm in spirituality, one that is based on timeless wisdom traditions, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience.
    October 18th-22nd, San Jose, California, USA

    Register here for Donnalea’s pre-conference workshop on Thursday, October 19th.


    Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
    Date: October 24 - 28, 2017
    Location: Embody Life Ranch Santa Clarita, California, United States

    We’ll learn the process and patterns of how movement, awareness and response to our surroundings shape our being. This course is a somatic exploration of our 5 traditional senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. In addition, we’ll address proprioception, interoception, kinesthesia, and empathy.  Discover and recognize how we filter, modify, distort, accept, and reject sensory information to bond, defend and learn.  As we expand our empathic capacities, our unfolding “orbital consciousness” transforms our bodies and perceptions. Our new structure gifts us with extended faculties, with new forms of sensing, receiving, communicating and ways of knowing; and free from habitual ways of being with ourselves and the world.

    4 Day Immersion, October 24-28, 2017 (Lodging available)

    Cost: 4 Day Immersion $540 early by July 5, $620 late


  • Fluid Place; Exploring Spatial/Temporal InterConnections

    Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
    Fluid Place; Exploring Spatial/Temporal InterConnections
    Date: October 29, 2017
    Location: Continuum Studio Santa Monica, California, United States

    Location, Location, Location
    Many of us can recall Emilie Conrad emphatically sharing these words and the significance of locating oneself. As we allow our bio-system to find somatic comfort, the Dissolve/Resolve found in the practice of Continuum Movement® allows our whole being to rest and settle, drop under the tone of our nervous system and integrate with the earth’s gravitational field and cosmic stream of information.

    I find it nourishing to consistently locate myself in order to offset the current cultural milieu of speed, confusion, political despair, and bio-system attachment to technology, all of which deters us from comfortably navigating the terrain of life. I invite you to join me in embracing the practice of attuning to nature’s support, where ground and direction becomes familiar in each moment and our fluid body resonates with all time/space. As we slow down, sensory signals guide us, cueing the body’s inner landscape of subtle movement and mutability of form, to deepen with every breath in relation to our world.

    Like the ocean is a body of water, the whole human organism is a body of movement. In open attention we can recognize that we ARE movement, we shift from fixation and receive the nourishing creative flux that is available to us. Continuum’s fluid movement, dexterity of breath, resonance of sound, and value of meaning empowers us to experience life in our wholeness as a human being, able to participate more fully in each dive, and in each day. Let’s Dive Together! In community we’ll resource Continuum’s invitation to align with our innate wisdom, finding spaciousness that emerges from attuning to sensation and place.

    Workshop $55 or earlybird pre-register online $47
    EarlyBird Link

  • Esalen Workshop - Continuum Movement®: Honoring the Life and Work of Emilie Conrad

    Workshop presented by: Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
    Esalen Workshop - Continuum Movement®: Honoring the Life and Work of Emilie Conrad
    Date: February 25 - March 2, 2018
    Location: Esalen Big Sur, California, United States
    Continuum is about the artistry of human existence…an inquiry into creative flourishing. —Emilie Conrad Continuum Movement® is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being. “It [...]


New York

  • Embodied Resourcing Through Somatic Practices

    Class presented by: Debra Corea
    Embodied Resourcing Through Somatic Practices
    Date: September 1 - December 31, 2017
    Location: Spurr Building, Dance Room University of Rochester Rochester, New York, United States
    Debra shares Continuum at the University of Rochester. From subtle intrinsic movement to whole body integration, students will have the opportunity to experience several somatic modalities and discover what it means to be fully alive in movement and stillness. Mindfulness practices provide the foundation for listening inwardly to one’s immediate embodied experience. From this felt sense and the inherent wisdom of the body, students will be encouraged by various practitioners to explore Alexander Technique, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Body-Mind Centering®, and Continuum Movement. This work can be powerful for dancers, and others who are inquisitive, in becoming more open, present, resilient and centered. Experiential practice, readings, discussion, and reflective writing will comprise the course co-taught with with K. Fittipaldi & J. Cook. Participation in 3-4 labs throughout the semester will be required.
    Mondays & Wednesdays 10:25-11:40am Fall 2017 term
    Location; Spurr Building, Dance Room University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627

Virtual Events

  • Fall Session of Essential Values of Continuum Movement

    Class presented by: Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
    Date: November 7 - December 12, 2017

    Essential Values of Continuum Movement with Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz and Guest Teachers


    This online workshop is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding and practice of Continuum Movement, as it serves as a refresher and elaborates on essential core values of the practice. For those new to Continuum Movement you too will be able to learn and experience this healing modality at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. This in-depth course acts as a prerequisite to the 10-module Continuum Movement Training Program (CMTP) (formerly known as the Somatic Teacher Development Program). Note that an alternative prerequisite to the 10 module CMTP is 100 hours of supervised practice with a Certified Continuum Movement Teacher.

    The first online class will meet Nov 7th, 2017 at 9am PST/12 EST and will take 2 hours plus Dive time.

    WHEN: Every Tuesday for 6 weeks
    DATES: Nov 7, Nov 14, Nov 21, Nov 28, Dec 5, Dec 12
    TIME: 9am pacific/12pm eastern