Amber Gray – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Amber has spent much of the last 17 years dancing and working in Haiti. Formerly co-director of The Planetary Dance Ensemble, she began to study Haitian dance in 1991. Her professional journey includes public health, somatic psychology, political science, dance movement therapy, deep tissue bodywork, cranial-sacral therapy, aromatherapy, shiatsu, hatha yoga, and a life long commitment to human and animal rights, and social change. Amber is recognized as a pioneer in movement therapies and trauma, and she received the 2010 ADTA Outstanding Achievement Award for her global dance therapy work with survivors of displacement, violence, war, torture and natural disasters. Authorized to teach Continuum in 2006, she shares Continuum’s root connection to the sacred teachings of Haiti’s ancient traditions. Her Poto Mitan (“Center Point”) trauma and resiliency framework, which she teaches globally, is based on Haiti’s sacred healing cosmology and integrates dance therapy, creative arts therapies, mindfulness practice, Continuum Movement, and her ongoing collaborations with the neuroscientific research community. Amber is an initiate in the Fran Ginee Tradition of Haitian Vodou and spends time in ceremony with wisdom keepers and traditional healers in Australia, Sámi land and Haiti. She teaches her passions in the following workshops:
Radical Freedom, which teaches the use of Continuum Movement specifically for work with survivors of trauma; and Continuurhythm©, a Continuum Movement ceremonial practice which integrates Continuum Movement, Stephen Porges Polyvagal theory, Haitian Ceremonial tradition and dance/movement as sacred, restorative practice.
She teaches Continuum regularly in Santa Fe, Australia, and Haiti; and has taught in more than 30 countries from Lebanon to Sudan; Norway to Indonesia. She is the author of Continuum at the Edge, a chapter in the recently published
Inner Dialogues in Daily Life, edited by Charles Eigen (2014).
Amber offers individual sessions, classes, and virtual classes, sessions, mentoring and supervision in Continuum Movement, Dance Movement Therapy, and Somatic Therapies for Trauma. She provides embodied consultation and training in self care for individuals and staff care for organizations.