Shayna Jordan – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher
Shayna Jordan

Occidental, CA
(707) 874-9027

Shayna Jordan has trained extensively in Continuum Movement, Body Mind Centering, Native American healing practices, Asian bodywork and Tibetan Buddhist meditation for over three decades. She is an authorized Continuum Teacher and both a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist.

Her current passion is the return of ease, flow, and inherent wholeness to the organism in the grand marriage of Continuum to the natural world and our indigenous soul, pre and perinatal work  and  developmental trauma resolution.

Her ongoing exploration of the embryonic spiral has led her to listen deeply to the wisdom of the fluid body at the micro level of cellular life, at the macro level of the body as an extension of a planetary process, and the cosmic level as infinite waves of creative potencia.

Her work is best experienced in weeklong immersions that allow a natural rhythm to emerge as one discovers, blossoms, rests and integrates in ongoing fluid ways/waves of body and being, celebrating, life, love and connection to all that is.

Her palate of somatic work is rich and varied. For information about  Continuum private sessions in person or by skype, weeklong immersions, classes or dark retreat facilitation, contact her at [email protected].