Laurie Keene – Continuum Movement Teacher

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement Teacher
Laurie Keene

Collingswood, NJ
(516) 637-1211

As far back as I remember the longing to be fully alive, connected to a knowing place of worthiness and thereby wholeness has guided my life. Each knowledge, experience and awareness acquired along the way created radical life-affirming change as well as an instinct to pass it on through teaching. My passion for teaching has been a source of deep nourishment for me. I have spent 30+ years meditating, studying, exploring and teaching awakening and consciousness with mentors who have illumined my path-Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere, John Pierrokos and Baba Muktananda. And then, after 14 years of hearing about Emilie Conrad – creator, explorer and transmitter of the Continuum experience, I finally made space in my life to study with her. I came into Continuum in May 2004 and that experience-again-radically changed my approach to living.

Continuum is a way of moving that organically engages the practitioner deeply with life. Instruction does not come from outside, but rather from the arising eternal pulse within. This pulse permeates everything in the cosmos including the self, thereby instantly reclaiming the two as one. Through movement the gentle invitation is to slow down, to embrace life with an open sense of mystery, pleasure and receptivity. The result is diving into fluid grace, prompting all kinds of healing responses in both body and psyche.

I am thrilled to share the experience of Continuum with those who long for the return, the return to wholeness.
With love, Laurie

School Dean of the Barbara Brennan School Europe (BBSHE) 2003-present, 1st year Dean of the Barbara Brennan School U.S.A. (BBSH) 1993-present, Former Director of BBSH 1999-2003, Core Energetics Therapist 1998-present, Graduated A Society of Souls 1995, Continuum Teacher 2010, B.S. in Liberal Studies from Excelsior College.
Private Practice since 1992: Healing and Personal Process Work, Channeling/Readings/Spiritual Support, Professional Supervision for Brennan Healing Science Practitioners.