Prerequisite to Somatic Training

Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement
Announcing a new somatic teacher workshop:
Somatic Based Teaching Using the Continuum Model

The prerequisite to apply for the “Somatic Based Teaching Using the Continuum Model” is 100 hours from any current Authorized Continuum Movement teachers.

Module 1 is required to be taken first for all accepted participants.
Next date for module one is May 28 – June 3, 2016

Once module 1 is completed any of the other modules can be taken in any order.

Each training requires a minimum of 12 participants

At least 75 of the 100 hours must be credited from workshops, which gives you the immersion necessary to really get a sense of the work. We will also accept a total of 25 hours from individual classes that can count towards the 100 hours. These hours must also be from a current Authorized Continuum Movement teacher.

Once you have the 100 hours, fill out the application and email it back to the Continuum office and pay the application fee of $75. We will review your application and let you know when you have been accepted.

The program is a 500 hour, 10 module course. Once module 1 has been taken you may take any modules that work with your schedule, they don’t have to be taken in numerical order–except when a module has a prerequisite to take such as Anatomy I and Anatomy II. The cost will be $1200 for each training module.

Subject matter will include the philosophy of Continuum, wave motion, breath, anatomy, physics, developmental movement, and group dynamics.

After completion of the program as we are an ISMETA-approved training, you would qualify to join ISMETA as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator or Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.

At the completion of the course, if you are interested in becoming a Continuum teacher you would submit your application and a dvd of you leading a small group in a dive to the Continuum Teachers Board for their review and acceptance to become a Continuum teacher.

All of our Authorized Continuum Movement teachers sign a yearly contract, provide proof of liability insurance and pay the yearly teachers dues. They are also asked to keep current with the work by participating in a teacher’s meeting at least every other year.

We appreciate your interest. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call the Continuum office, 310-593-4651.

This workshop is recommended and encouraged for those of you who are interested in becoming an embodied somatic teacher. We are very excited to offer this opportunity as it will be the foundation course for becoming a certified Continuum teacher. Teaching is a whole body process. Too often the somatics of teaching is ignored and overlooked. This course will use the Continuum model and philosophy for helping anyone interested to become a more masterful teacher.

 acceptance $500 is required to register
($200 of the $500 is non-refundable, non-transferable).
The balance will be due 30 days prior to the event. Payment can be made via MasterCard, Visa, American Express. Balance of payments will be automatically processed 30 days prior to the start date of any workshop.

All registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Additional payments will be refunded if cancellation is received via email or post 30 days before the start date of the event. Payments are non-refundable within 30 days of the start date of the event.

Ismeta Approved Training
Our program maintains the high standards of an Approved Training Program of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).
Our graduates meet all requirements to become Registered Somatic Movement Educators and Therapists.
Benefits of Ismeta for Authorized Teachers of Continuum Movement 

To find a teacher near you here is a link:
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For those of you who have been on the teacher track the teachers board has voted on the following guidelines:

All hours taken from an authorized Continuum Teacher (workshop hours/and a maximum of 25 hours from classes) before June 1, 2015 will be grandfathered into the Somatics Training program hours if and only if module 1 is taken no later than Dec 31, 2016.

How to become a Continuum Movement Teacher

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