Bones, Breath, Sound

Continuum Movement
Bones, Breath, Sound
Workshop presented by: Teri Carter
Date: March 17 - 20, 2018
Location: Embody Life Ranch Santa Clarita, California, United States

Spring 2018

Discover keys to healthy and strong bones, and for moving in space with clarity and specificity in this 4 day intensive. As fluid beings, our form is negotiable, regenerative and responsive. Embody the skeletal system with a dynamic perspective through Continuum, understanding and transcending the biomechanical definition of movement in relation to gravity. Living bone is an exciting matrix of connective tissue; three basic layers of cells and fluids that provide leverage, support, and form to our being. Learn bone’s role in the body’s oxygenation, as a container for the organs, the importance of piezoelectric pressure, and how breath and sound influence the architecture of your body.

Additional Somatic Movement Arts Courses in March 2018:                                    Fluid System – 5 Day intensive March 22-26                                                     Senses & Perception – 4 Day Intensive March 28-31

Location: Embody Life Ranch, 45 minutes from Santa Monica, CA (Lodging available)
Contact [email protected], for more information.