Authorized Continuum Practitioners List

Continuum Movement

An Authorized Continuum Movement Practitioner is certified in another field of expertise (such as Massage Therapist, Dance, Art, etc) and has done a course of study of 100 hours plus mentoring from Continuum Movement so as to be able to bring Continuum Movement into their individual practice.  All sessions are conducted one on one with clients.

First Name / Last Name City / State / Country
ashima Ashima Kahrs Goose Creek / SC / US
menzam Cherionna Menzam-Sills Totnes, Devon / GB
Denise Denise Gross Gainesville / FL / US
Evie Evie Ruth Los Angeles / CA / US
Faye Burtch Faye Burtch State College / PA / US
frank-ws Frank Carbone Ojai / CA / US
Okondo Jane Okondo London / GB
Kathryn Kathryn Rone Oahu / HI / US
Geertsen-Rowe Lynn Geertsen-Rowe Altlengbach / AT
marcella Marcella Bottero Venice / CA / US
marilyn-prac Marilyn Montgomery Eureka / CA / US
Mertens Marina Mertens Zurich / CH
patricia_streit Patricia Streit Tryon / NC / US
PaulHarris Paul Harris London / GB
Sarah Sarah Pidutti Vancouver / CA
Arbizzani, S. Simona Arbizzani Ferrara / IT