Continuum Movement

Acknowledging Continuum contributors—
(done chronologically as it is impossible to “rate” their amazing  contributions).


Dr. Valerie V. Hunt Ed.D (July 22, 1916 – February 15, 2014) was a scientist, author, lecturer and Professor Emeritus of Physiological Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. From 1974 to 1979, Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum, was Movement Specialist in a research study conducted by Dr. Hunt at UCLA. This groundbreaking study demonstrated that fluid, primary movement is essential in our ability to innovate. Enhancing these fundamental movements has a potential to create a rich intrinsic environment that brings forth new insights in our understanding of the human body and its potential to create alternate systems.


Gary David met Emilie Conrad in Los Angeles two years after she began Continuum. Their relationship began three years later and they mutually influenced each other during the 23 years they lived together, and through the end of Emilie’s life. Gary along with musician/composer Michael Stearns, played music for Continuum, taking the soundscape of Continuum in new directions, creating the first Continuum vocal resonance groups during the 1970s. Seeing Emilie’s basic insight as one of innovation, Gary introduced Emilie and her followers to the work of J. Samuel Bois and Epistemics, bringing language to the concepts of the silent level and “the map is not the territory” (A. Korzybski) to Continuum teaching. During their in-depth dialogues Emilie’s focus shifted from using ethnic rituals and Jungian imagery to more general language and references, thus paving the way for Emilie’s scientific influences that came from her work with Dr. Valerie Hunt. Gary experienced the movement, the music, and the time of Continuum as a way of learning with Emilie that left an indelible mark on his being.


Susan started studying with Emilie Conrad in 1975. In the 1990’s she collaborated and worked very close with Emilie in developing the organizational aspects of Continuum as well as teaching many workshops together. Susan was instrumental in helping to design the Continuum Studio at the 18th Street Art Complex in Santa Monica, CA in the 1990’s as well. Maybe her most important contribution though, was in helping to develop the teacher training practicum that led to the creation of Continuum teachers. Susan has a gift in helping to create community and Continuum would not be the community it is if not for early influences in this area. In 2002, Susan and Emilie’s work went in different directions and she went on to form her own movement organization, Continuum Montage. It should be noted also that Emilie and Susan remained friendly and continued to teach a yearly workshop together up until the very end of Emilie’s life in April 2014.

We want to acknowledge the Authorized Continuum Movement Teachers  in 2014, the year of Emilie’s death.

Mary Abrams, Patty Adamik, Marcia Anderson, Priscilla Auchincloss, Robin Becker, Kathy Benners, Cory Blake, Marcella Bottero, Kim Brodey, Carole Burstein, Faye BurtchFrank Carbone, Teri Carter, Linda Chrisman, Ellen Cohen, Elaine Colandrea, Suzanne Wright Crain, Lars Ekkelund, Bobbie Ellis, Debra FrancoLinda FullerDaphne Georghiou, Tone Gilje, Bonnie Gintis, Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, Amber Gray, Malcolm GroomeDenise Gross, Susan Harper, Martha HarrellCaryn HeilmanTmimah IckovitsRobyn Irwin, Julie Jacobs, Kathy Jennings, Mala JhamShayna Jordan, Ashima Kahrs, Barbara Karlsen, Laurie Keene, Lynette Kessler, Catherine Kocher, Rebecca Lawson, Robert Litman, Doris Maranda, Sabine Mead, Cherionna Menzam-SillsMarilyn Montgomery, Divo Müller, Kylliki NeumanMelanie Noblit-GambinoJane Okondo, Jo Ann Onelight Eisenberg, Sherry Pae, Beth Pettengill Riley, Sarah Pidutti, Linda Rabin, Gael Rosewood, Batyah Schachter, Sylvia Schlee, Ajaya Sommers, Angela Thurston, Donna Tobey, Patricia von Weichs, Sharon Weil